All dissertations start with a proposal. When you have come up with a topic that you want to explore, you are supposed to sum it up in a proposal. This proposal is presented to a dissertation proposal defense committee, and from your proposal in the defense, they will determine whether you should proceed with the topic or look for a fresh approach to the entire project. Most people stall their project, not because they do not have a good topic, but because they did not create the most convincing dissertation proposal defense PowerPoint. Here, are a few tips to help you writing a winning proposal.

Determine the panel’s expectations
The biggest mistake that students make when dealing with dissertation proposals is failure to find out exactly what is expected of them. Every board of reviews has a very specific set of guidelines that they follow to determine if your topic and how you present yourself, is okay. Ask what is expected before creating the proposal as this will help you come up with a document which will perfectly fit their expectations.

Prepare for questions from the board and determine answers
The most challenging part of the presentation will be the questions from the panel. You therefore, need to be prepared for the section. There will be two types of questions, those aimed at making clarifications and a few to poke holes into your proposal. It is crucial to look into your proposal and try to see its weaknesses. This is the only way that you will land on the questions you are likely to be asked, and prepare to answer them.

Know relevant literature
If you want to have an easy time making your dissertation proposal defense, you have to gather all the relevant material on the topic. Look at all the studies which have been done and are similar to yours, and figure out how they affect your own results. Another of the important dissertation proposal defense tips is to ensure you create continuity between what was already discovered before and what you are adding to the process.

Study the panel you are proposing to
Another useful tip how to present a dissertation proposal defense is to look carefully at all the people who form part of the defense committee. Do your research and see if you can find anyone else that has been reviewed by them. If you are able to contact them, talk to them and ask a number of questions, including the presentation style that the panelists prefer and the things which they dislike. With this information, your interaction with the dissertation proposal defense presentation will be positive and manageable.

Other things that you can do before the presentation include doing a mock presentation in front of your peers. This will give you an opportunity to rectify your mistakes before facing the main committee. With these tips in mind, the proposal defense process will be simple, and you will be qualified to move onto the next step with your project.

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