The acknowledgments page is always part of the final year project paper, and comes after the table of content. It is the page where you get the opportunity to thank everyone you worked with throughout the project. There are different levels of help and assistance that you will receive throughout your paper; therefore, you need to be careful about the people you thank, and the order in which you will thank them. At the same time, you still need to remember that you are writing a page that will be part of an academic paper, and regardless of how grateful you are, your language will still need to be formal and academic.

Create a list of people to include
Before you start writing down the dissertation, you need to sit and think about all the people who helped you along the project. Make a list of them and their contribution towards the project. Typically, you will have tens of people that helped in a way or the other, but not everyone belongs in the acknowledgments for dissertation. Pick the one’s whose help had a direct impact on the paper and its success.

Come up with the order of listing
The second important step which you need to make when creating the acknowledgements in dissertation is that you need to decide the order in which you will list the people who made the list. For instance, you can start with your thesis advisor, followed by the assistant supervisor and then move down to the other academic staff in your department. The last people in the list should be family and friends, and you should mention them in a formal way to avoid sounding too emotional.

Use the right language to express gratitude
As mentioned, the dissertation is still a very formal document, which means that you still have to maintain complete formality when writing it down. There is language which is considered conventional, but there are other phrases which aren’t considered formal. You can try and have a look at a dissertation acknowledgements sample to help you figure out the right phrases to use in the process. Some of the phrases that are considered formal and academic include:

  1. I would wish to express the greatest appreciation to
  2. I would like to say special thanks to
  3. I have deep gratitude for the assistance offered by
  4. My special thanks are extended to the staff of

Getting help with the acknowledgment
The other option which is available to you if you want a winning essay is to consult with custom essay writers. They have the knowledge and experience needed to handle academic papers and all their content. They will guide you on the format to use and also help edit the work before presenting it.

The most important thing to remember is that everything you write on the dissertation acknowledgements examples page has to be grammatically correct. Read through the page after you have written and try to see if there are errors. Have another person proof read the page for you to tell you if it flows naturally. In case anything feels out of place, take time and revise it accordingly. These steps will help you write the best dissertation acknowledgements all the time.

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