If you plan to start writing your dissertation, you have to appreciate the role of good dissertation proposal writing. This is the first step in writing a dissertation and it catches most students by surprise. When you start planning for your dissertation, it is important to put a lot of emphasis on the dissertation proposal because it determines whether the project goes ahead or not. This document sets the stage for the dissertation by convincing the academic committee overseeing your project about the validity or worth of your research.

It is thus important to learn dissertation proposal how to write tactics before starting on the project. In this article, you will learn more about the importance of a research proposal and how to go about it. Keep reading.

What A Research Proposal Entails
Writing a dissertation proposal is the first step in the dissertation writing project and it promises success of the entire process. This document impresses upon the dissertation committee about the potential of your academic research.

In your proposal, you have to convince your supervisor and the panel that the research questions you have identified are worth your time. Through a research proposal, you also convince the dissertation panel that you have identified the best tools and methodology to carry out the study.
In summary, a dissertation proposal defense achieves the following:

  1. Provides a blueprint for research to follow
  2. Convinces the supervision panel that your research question is worth pursuing
  3. Proves your competence in tackling the identified research problem
  4. Outlines an explicit research problem, testable hypotheses and a comprehensive plan for testing the hypotheses.
  5. Convinces the reader that the research question will add to the knowledge in the discipline.

To get the best idea of writing this document, it is important to look at a dissertation proposal sample. You can find free samples online from an established writing service or other databases.

How To Write A Good Dissertation Proposal
Now that you appreciate the importance of a good dissertation proposal, it is time to learn how to formulate one. Your dissertation proposal template must include the following:

  • Abstract: A summary of the entire proposal ranging from 150 to 250 words. The abstract summarizes the research question, theoretical framework, research design, methodology, instrumentation, data, and analysis.
    vIntroduction: This section states your central research question and gives background on the subject. Also includes the research question and hypotheses.
  • Methodology: identified the sources of your research, type of data you expect and tools you expect to use in the research. You should also indicate how you will analyze the data you gather, limitations, bias in methods chosen and an explanation on why you have chosen specific methods.
  • Aims and objectives: Indicate what your research hopes to achieve, and outcomes you predict to find. At the same time, highlight the main research objectives and how you intend to achieve these.
  • Literature review: In this section, list the books and other sources you intend to use for your research. The sources you cite here should provide background on your topic. Connect your research to previous research on the subject.
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Bibliography: A short list of key literature in the subject area.

Go on and find a good dissertation proposal example to learn more about writing this crucial document.

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